Sunday was one of my favourite days ever!

I started the day at Zach and Jody Gray’s platform class which was really fantastic. The one thing they and so many other speakers at WPPI this year are evangelising about is experience. The customer experience. The top photographers in the world are able to charge a premium for their services not only because they are amazing photographers, but that they provide a remarkable customer experience. For me this will be key as I move my business forward this year as I continue to improve and refine the customer experience I deliver.

After the seminar I met up with the team from Thirst Relief for their annual benefit shoot at WPPI. I was attracted to the event because the images from previous years are exceptional and the instructors I would have an opportunity to shoot and learn and hangout with are all amazing. We travelled to Ghost Town outside Vegas, which has the most random of random stuff lying around and is such an amazing location for photography.

During the day we shot our edgy models in corsets which were designed by one of the models, Angela Pilat – check them out here. I had the chance to shoot and learn from Luke Edmonson, Mike Colon, CM Leung and Rocco Ancora and that evening we heard from David Edmonson and Roberto Valenzuela.

After our day of shooting we headed back to Vegas to Maggianos for an amazing dinner and we learnt more about the reason we were there, Thirst Relief. 100% of proceeds raised from the shoot go directly to Thirst Relief water projects located around the world to help provide people with a long-term source of clean water.

Dinner was a great experience as I sat by Mike Colon (who’s wedding packages range from $20,000 to $50,000) and got to hear about his experiences including capturing some celeb weddings like Usher! Mike’s really down to earth and he’s a good laugh so he kept our table entertained.

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