I met Rachel and Brian last week for their pre-wedding shoot in Brooke Park. The first time I’ve visited the park, I was blown away by the beautiful setting overlooking the city.

Just back from celebrating Brian’s birthday in Downings, it was great to hear all about their life together and their plans for their wedding at The Red Door next summer!

Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0100Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0101Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0102Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0103Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0104Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0105Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0106Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0107Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0108Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0109Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0110Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0111Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0112Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0113Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0114

To see more of Rachel and Brian’s engagement shoot check out the slideshow below!

I met Celia and Steve at Redcastle Hotel last week for their engagement session and we explored the grounds as I shot some natural and relaxed images of them both.

Such a sweet couple they are clearly head over heels for one another and I’m sure their wedding is going to be amazing!

Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0104Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0105Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0106Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0107Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0108Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0109Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0110Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0111Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0112Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0113Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0114Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0115Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0116Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0117

To see more of Celia and Steve’s engagement shoot check out the slideshow below!

Elaine and her bridesmaids were in amazing spirits in the morning as they prepared for the day ahead. It was a pleasure to be in their wonderful company to capture great moments.

My second shooter for the wedding was Ricky Parker and he spent time with the groom Aidan and his family as they prepared for the day ahead.

Arriving at the service it was definitely one of the wettest weddings of the year, but it certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the couple and their guests.

Following the service we made our way to Tullyglass House Hotel in Ballymena where I had a chance to shoot some gorgeous images of Elaine and Aidan. We even managed to go outside for a moment or two in between the showers.

The party was in full flight as the happy couple danced the night away with their guests.

Tullyglass Wedding Photography 1Tullyglass Wedding Photography 2

Tullyglass Wedding Photography 6

Tullyglass Wedding Photography 8

Tullyglass Wedding Photography 10

Tullyglass Wedding Photography 12

Tullyglass Wedding Photography 13

Tullyglass Wedding Photography 15

Tullyglass Wedding Photography 18

Tullyglass Wedding Photography 19

Tullyglass Wedding Photography 3Tullyglass Wedding Photography 4Tullyglass Wedding Photography 5Tullyglass Wedding Photography 9Tullyglass Wedding Photography 11

Elaine + Aidan 0001

Tullyglass Wedding Photography 16Tullyglass Wedding Photography 17Tullyglass Wedding Photography 20Tullyglass Wedding Photography 21Tullyglass Wedding Photography 22Tullyglass Wedding Photography 23Tullyglass Wedding Photography 24Tullyglass Wedding Photography 25Tullyglass Wedding Photography 26Tullyglass Wedding Photography 27Tullyglass Wedding Photography 28Tullyglass Wedding Photography 29Tullyglass Wedding Photography 30Tullyglass Wedding Photography 31Tullyglass Wedding Photography 32Tullyglass Wedding Photography 33Tullyglass Wedding Photography 34Tullyglass Wedding Photography 35Tullyglass Wedding Photography 36Tullyglass Wedding Photography 37Tullyglass Wedding Photography 38Tullyglass Wedding Photography 39Tullyglass Wedding Photography 40Tullyglass Wedding Photography 41Tullyglass Wedding Photography 42Tullyglass Wedding Photography 43Tullyglass Wedding Photography 44Tullyglass Wedding Photography 45Tullyglass Wedding Photography 46Tullyglass Wedding Photography 47Tullyglass Wedding Photography 48Tullyglass Wedding Photography 49Tullyglass Wedding Photography 50Tullyglass Wedding Photography 51Tullyglass Wedding Photography 52Tullyglass Wedding Photography 53Tullyglass Wedding Photography 54Tullyglass Wedding Photography 55Tullyglass Wedding Photography 56Tullyglass Wedding Photography 57Tullyglass Wedding Photography 59Tullyglass Wedding Photography 61Tullyglass Wedding Photography 62Tullyglass Wedding Photography 63Tullyglass Wedding Photography 64Tullyglass Wedding Photography 66Tullyglass Wedding Photography 67Tullyglass Wedding Photography 68Tullyglass Wedding Photography 69Tullyglass Wedding Photography 70Tullyglass Wedding Photography 71Tullyglass Wedding Photography 72Tullyglass Wedding Photography 73Tullyglass Wedding Photography 74Tullyglass Wedding Photography 75Tullyglass Wedding Photography 76Tullyglass Wedding Photography 77Tullyglass Wedding Photography 78Tullyglass Wedding Photography 79Tullyglass Wedding Photography 80Tullyglass Wedding Photography 81Tullyglass Wedding Photography 82Tullyglass Wedding Photography 83Tullyglass Wedding Photography 84Tullyglass Wedding Photography 85Tullyglass Wedding Photography 86Tullyglass Wedding Photography 87Tullyglass Wedding Photography 89Tullyglass Wedding Photography 90Tullyglass Wedding Photography 91

To see more of Elaine and Aidan’s Tullyglass House Hotel Wedding check out the slideshow below!

Some of the awesome vendors who helped make this day happen!

Bridal Gown: Bridal Showroom, Sincerity Bridal
Groomswear: Red, Cookstown
Hair: Orla Lynch
Cake: Tom @ McColgans bakery
Band: Legacy + Lee Roy Brown Band – Tel: 077 8364 9536

Caroline and Conall explored the Walled City of Derry for their engagement session and it is plain to see from the images that they love one another to bits!

Can’t wait for their stunning wedding at Harvey’s Point next July!

Derry Engagement Photography_0100Derry Engagement Photography_0101Derry Engagement Photography_0102Derry Engagement Photography_0103Derry Engagement Photography_0104Derry Engagement Photography_0105Derry Engagement Photography_0106Derry Engagement Photography_0108Derry Engagement Photography_0109Derry Engagement Photography_0110Derry Engagement Photography_0111Derry Engagement Photography_0112Derry Engagement Photography_0113Derry Engagement Photography_0114Derry Engagement Photography_0115Derry Engagement Photography_0116Derry Engagement Photography_0117Derry Engagement Photography_0118Derry Engagement Photography_0120Derry Engagement Photography_0121Derry Engagement Photography_0122

To see more of Caroline + Conall’s engagement shoot check out the slideshow below!

Roisin and Derek’s wedding was absolutely gorgeous from start to finish. The attention to detail was amazing and it was a joy to capture their wedding day in the stunning Inishowen Gateway Hotel.

The service was beautiful and the music added to the magical atmosphere. Following the service we visited the beach at Fahan Marina where we had the chance to shoot some fun and memorable images with the wedding party.

Back at The Inishowen Gateway Hotel, the couple enjoyed the great company of friends and family, enjoying a gorgeous meal and heart warming speeches. Time to get the party started, the couple took to the dance floor and it wasn’t long before Roisin and Derek’s guests joined them to celebrate into the wee hours!

Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0100Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0101Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0102Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0103Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0104Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0105Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0106Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0107Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0108Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0109Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0110Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0111Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0112Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0113Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0114Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0115Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0116Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0117Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0118Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0119Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0120Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0121Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0122Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0123Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0174Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0125Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0126Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0127Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0128Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0129Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0130Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0131Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0132Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0133Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0134Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0135Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0136Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0137Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0138Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0139Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0140Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0141Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0142Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0143Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0144Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0145Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0146Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0147Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0148Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0149Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0150Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0151Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0152Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0153Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0154Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0155Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0156Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0157Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0158Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0159Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0160Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0161Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0162Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0163Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0164Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0165Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0166Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0175Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0168Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0169Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0170Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0171Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0172Inishowen Gateway Wedding Photography_0173

To see more of Roisin and Derek’s Inishowen Gateway Hotel Wedding check out the slideshow below!

Some of the awesome vendors who helped make this day happen!

Venue: The Inishowen Gateway Hotel
Bridal Gown: McElhinneys
Groomswear: McElhinneys
Hair: Studio 1
Make-up: Make-up by Lisa
Florist: Karen Mullan, Blooming Marvellous 
Band: Superstition, Jamie Noonan

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