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This weekend I was tidying out our old office, as since selling the modelling agency, I have started working from my home studio, which I much prefer. We used to subscribe to Vogue as it was great inspiration if we were organising a fashion show or shoot. Now as a photographer, I love looking at the shoots in Vogue, it’s always amazing. It’s more so the lifestyle type shoots I like better, with Mario Testino being one of my very favourite photographers. So I got all the old copies of Vogue from the office and cut out the pages of ads and shoots which I love and which represent the way I want to shoot weddings (or at least influence the way I shoot weddings). I made a cool mood board, which I may showcase down the line, but I think by having this physical representation of what I am striving for in my photography will make the ideas and aesthetic seep into my brain and it will influence my shooting. Well here’s hoping!

Here’s the magazines before they got the chop.

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