This year my big project was to get my branding sorted out. In 2013 I’m making a short film/video of what I do in my business – that may sound quite vague, but yep that’s where it’s at right now. Like the website I’m hoping it will develop into something that reflects me as a person and photographer and something I’m really proud of. Since this has been on my mind I’ve been hypersensitive to wedding videos and videos of photographers and I’ll post some on my blog of the really great ones over the coming months.

I recently read about Blush Photography’s amazing ‘Very Non Wedding’ video of Whit & Colby in Photo Pro Magazine and went onto check it out on Rock N’Roll Bride. This video is AWESOME! The Utah based creators photographer, Brooke and videographer, Chris put the styled shoot together and it has supercharged their business with enquiries coming in from b2b’s who are blown away by the cool style of their look and the alternative romantic fantasy that they have created. Get lost in this gorgeous video for a few minutes then check out more of their amazing work here.

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