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Caroline and John’s wedding was truly beautiful.

The couple met earlier in life and it wasn’t until later that they rekindled their love.

Their service and wedding took place in the stunning Red Door in Fahan. The day was truly relaxed and the love that the couple have for one another truly shone through like the sun that day!

The Red Door Wedding Photography_0100The Red Door Wedding Photography_0101The Red Door Wedding Photography_0102The Red Door Wedding Photography_0103The Red Door Wedding Photography_0104The Red Door Wedding Photography_0105The Red Door Wedding Photography_0106The Red Door Wedding Photography_0107The Red Door Wedding Photography_0108The Red Door Wedding Photography_0109The Red Door Wedding Photography_0110The Red Door Wedding Photography_0111The Red Door Wedding Photography_0112The Red Door Wedding Photography_0113The Red Door Wedding Photography_0114The Red Door Wedding Photography_0115The Red Door Wedding Photography_0116The Red Door Wedding Photography_0117The Red Door Wedding Photography_0118The Red Door Wedding Photography_0119The Red Door Wedding Photography_0120The Red Door Wedding Photography_0121The Red Door Wedding Photography_0122The Red Door Wedding Photography_0123The Red Door Wedding Photography_0124The Red Door Wedding Photography_0125The Red Door Wedding Photography_0126The Red Door Wedding Photography_0127The Red Door Wedding Photography_0128The Red Door Wedding Photography_0129The Red Door Wedding Photography_0130The Red Door Wedding Photography_0180The Red Door Wedding Photography_0181The Red Door Wedding Photography_0182The Red Door Wedding Photography_0183The Red Door Wedding Photography_0184The Red Door Wedding Photography_0185The Red Door Wedding Photography_0186The Red Door Wedding Photography_0187The Red Door Wedding Photography_0188The Red Door Wedding Photography_0189The Red Door Wedding Photography_0190The Red Door Wedding Photography_0191The Red Door Wedding Photography_0192The Red Door Wedding Photography_0193The Red Door Wedding Photography_0194The Red Door Wedding Photography_0195The Red Door Wedding Photography_0196The Red Door Wedding Photography_0197The Red Door Wedding Photography_0198The Red Door Wedding Photography_0199The Red Door Wedding Photography_0200The Red Door Wedding Photography_0201The Red Door Wedding Photography_0202The Red Door Wedding Photography_0203The Red Door Wedding Photography_0204The Red Door Wedding Photography_0205The Red Door Wedding Photography_0206The Red Door Wedding Photography_0207The Red Door Wedding Photography_0208The Red Door Wedding Photography_0209The Red Door Wedding Photography_0210The Red Door Wedding Photography_0211The Red Door Wedding Photography_0212The Red Door Wedding Photography_0213The Red Door Wedding Photography_0214The Red Door Wedding Photography_0215The Red Door Wedding Photography_0216The Red Door Wedding Photography_0217The Red Door Wedding Photography_0218The Red Door Wedding Photography_0219The Red Door Wedding Photography_0220The Red Door Wedding Photography_0221The Red Door Wedding Photography_0222The Red Door Wedding Photography_0223

The Red Door Wedding Photography_0226

The Red Door Wedding Photography_0224The Red Door Wedding Photography_0225

To see more of Caroline and John’s Red Door Wedding check out the slideshow below!

Some of the awesome vendors who helped make this day happen!

Venue: The Red Door
Bridal Gown:  Designed by Pronovias at McElhinneys
Groomswear: McElhinneys 
Hair:  Colm McGroary Hairdressing – Tel: +353 7491 90454
Make-up: Teresa McCloskey
Florist: The Variety Basket – Tel: +353749130028
Videography:  Cathal Doherty

I caught up with Ciara and Mark ahead of their wedding at Redcastle Hotel tomorrow.

We met at the gorgeous Hazelbank Park and it was one of the most beautiful areas I’ve had the chance to explore.

It’s clear to me that Ciara and Mark are made for one another and their day will be nothing short of spectacular!

Ciara + Mark 1Ciara + Mark 2Ciara + Mark 3Ciara + Mark 4Ciara + Mark 5Ciara + Mark 6Ciara + Mark 7Ciara + Mark 8Ciara + Mark 9Ciara + Mark 10Ciara + Mark 11Ciara + Mark 12Ciara + Mark 13

To see more of Ciara and Mark’s engagement shoot check out the slideshow below!

Laura and Gareth were blessed with a lovely evening as we explored Sion Mills for their engagement session.

Definitely one of the best locations for photos, it is a firm favourite for the couple who live nearby.

As we explored the location Laura and Gareth told me about their life together and their plans for their fab wedding next April in the gorgeous Killyhevlin Hotel in Fermanagh – I for one cannot wait!


To see more of  Laura and Gareth’s engagement shoot check out the slideshow below!

Carol-Ann and Kevin now live in Australia, so when they returned to Ireland for the their wedding last month it was a huge celebration!

My second shooter, Jude Browne photographed Kevin and the guys while I captured some beautiful moments of Carol-Ann and the girls. The service was lovely, following which we visited Kinnego Bay for photos (best beach ever) before making our way to Redcastle Hotel via Kevin’s house for the reception.

The couple where so relaxed and obviously so in love and this was evident to those in attendance. A truly beautiful wedding day!

Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0100Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0101Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0102Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0103Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0104Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0105Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0106Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0107Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0108Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0109Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0110Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0111Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0112Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0113Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0114Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0115Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0116Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0117Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0118Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0119Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0120Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0121Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0122Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0123Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0124Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0125Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0126Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0127Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0128Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0129Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0130Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0131Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0132Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0133Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0134Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0135Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0136Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0137Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0138Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0139Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0140Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0141Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0142Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0143Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0144Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0145Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0146Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0147Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0148Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0149Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0150Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0151Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0152Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0153Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0154Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0155Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0156Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0157Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0158Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0159Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0160Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0161Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0162Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0163Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0164Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0165Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0166Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0167Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0168Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0169Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0170Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0171Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0172Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0173Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0174Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0175Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0176Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0177Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0178Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0179Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0180Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0181Wedding Photography  Redcastle Hotel_0183


To see more of Carol-Ann and Kevin’s Redcastle Hotel wedding check out the slideshow below!

Some of the awesome vendors who helped make this day happen!

Bridal Gown: Tuscany Bridal 
Bridal Dress Designer - Pronovia
Groomswear: Tomorrows
Hair:  Kathleen – Tel: +353 74 938 2500
Make-up: Natural Beauty – Tel: +353 74 938 5155 
Florist: Rose Halvin 
Videography:  Hugh Quirke 

Bronagh and Dessie are so genuine and nice so it was a true dream to capture their amazing wedding day!

I started off at Bronagh’s house, with the most relaxed bridal party ever! My second shooter, Michael Love shot Dessie and the groomsmen before the service at St Mary’s Chapel.

The couple were blessed with sun as they left the chapel and made their way to the gardens at Foyle Hospice were we shot some fun photos of Bronagh and Dessie together and with their bridal party.

Arriving at The City Hotel for their reception the welcome was warm and the craic was great! The couple enjoyed an amazing meal, hilarious speeches and dancing into the wee hours with those closest to them.

City Hotel Wedding Photography_0101City Hotel Wedding Photography_0102

City Hotel Wedding Photography_0127

City Hotel Wedding Photography_0103City Hotel Wedding Photography_0104City Hotel Wedding Photography_0105City Hotel Wedding Photography_0106City Hotel Wedding Photography_0107City Hotel Wedding Photography_0108City Hotel Wedding Photography_0109City Hotel Wedding Photography_0110City Hotel Wedding Photography_0111City Hotel Wedding Photography_0112City Hotel Wedding Photography_0113City Hotel Wedding Photography_0114City Hotel Wedding Photography_0115City Hotel Wedding Photography_0116City Hotel Wedding Photography_0117City Hotel Wedding Photography_0118City Hotel Wedding Photography_0119City Hotel Wedding Photography_0120City Hotel Wedding Photography_0121City Hotel Wedding Photography_0122City Hotel Wedding Photography_0123City Hotel Wedding Photography_0124City Hotel Wedding Photography_0125City Hotel Wedding Photography_0126City Hotel Wedding Photography_0128City Hotel Wedding Photography_0129City Hotel Wedding Photography_0130City Hotel Wedding Photography_0131City Hotel Wedding Photography_0132City Hotel Wedding Photography_0133City Hotel Wedding Photography_0134City Hotel Wedding Photography_0135City Hotel Wedding Photography_0136City Hotel Wedding Photography_0137City Hotel Wedding Photography_0138City Hotel Wedding Photography_0139City Hotel Wedding Photography_0140City Hotel Wedding Photography_0141City Hotel Wedding Photography_0142City Hotel Wedding Photography_0143City Hotel Wedding Photography_0144City Hotel Wedding Photography_0145City Hotel Wedding Photography_0146City Hotel Wedding Photography_0147City Hotel Wedding Photography_0148City Hotel Wedding Photography_0149City Hotel Wedding Photography_0150City Hotel Wedding Photography_0151City Hotel Wedding Photography_0152City Hotel Wedding Photography_0153City Hotel Wedding Photography_0154City Hotel Wedding Photography_0155City Hotel Wedding Photography_0157City Hotel Wedding Photography_0158City Hotel Wedding Photography_0159City Hotel Wedding Photography_0160City Hotel Wedding Photography_0161City Hotel Wedding Photography_0162City Hotel Wedding Photography_0163City Hotel Wedding Photography_0164City Hotel Wedding Photography_0165City Hotel Wedding Photography_0166City Hotel Wedding Photography_0167City Hotel Wedding Photography_0168City Hotel Wedding Photography_0169City Hotel Wedding Photography_0170City Hotel Wedding Photography_0171City Hotel Wedding Photography_0173City Hotel Wedding Photography_0174

To see more of Bronagh + Dessie’s City Hotel Wedding check out the slideshow below!

Some of the awesome vendors who helped make this day happen!

Bridal Gown: Tomorrows 
Groomswear: Red Groomswear 
Hair: Annette Mc Gowan – Beauty by Louise and Co. 
Make-up: Jemma Mc Daid – The Loft 028 7126 1539
Florist: Patricia McCormack Flowers – Tel: 028 7135 4606
Cake: Devine Cakes and Little Cupcake Cafe Belfast (Cake Toppers)
Band: The Hitmen – Tel: 078 5533 1847
Chocolate Fountain:  The Wedding Chair Cover Boutique
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