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Lisa and Robert will be married in Redcastle Hotel in four weeks time!

I had the chance to catch up with them and explore Redcastle and Whitecastle for a few natural and fun images of the couple.

Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0100Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0101Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0102Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0103Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0104Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0105Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0106Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0107Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0108Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0109Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0110Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0111Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0112Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0113Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0114Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0115Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0116Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0117Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0118Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0119Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0120Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0121Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0122Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0123Whitecastle Engagement Photography_0124

To see more of Lisa and Robert’s pre-wedding shoot check out the slideshow below!

I was over the moon when Connor and his bride to be booked me to capture their wedding day after I shot his brother’s wedding.

We explored Ebrington for the couple’s engagement shoot and I have to say not only do these guys look amazing, they are literally the best fun ever!

Can’t wait to capture their wedding day this July at Harvey’s Point!

Ebrington Engagement Photography_0100Ebrington Engagement Photography_0101Ebrington Engagement Photography_0102Ebrington Engagement Photography_0103Ebrington Engagement Photography_0104Ebrington Engagement Photography_0105Ebrington Engagement Photography_0106Ebrington Engagement Photography_0107Ebrington Engagement Photography_0108Ebrington Engagement Photography_0109Ebrington Engagement Photography_0110Ebrington Engagement Photography_0111Ebrington Engagement Photography_0112Ebrington Engagement Photography_0113Ebrington Engagement Photography_0114To see more of Sinead and Connor’s pre-wedding shoot check out the slideshow below!

Louise and Ronan’s wedding at Redcastle Hotel was super stylish and lots of fun.

In the morning I arrived at Louise’s house as she was getting ready with her bridesmaids. The brides elegant style ensured her photos would be nothing short of spectacular.

My second shooter, Tom Nicholl, met with Ronan and his groomsmen before the ceremony. With ice cream, pints and pool it was a great start to their day.

After a graceful ceremony accompanied by a string quartet, we made our way to the sun kissed Redcastle Hotel for photos along the shore.

Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0100Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0101Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0102Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0103Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0105Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0107Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0108Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0109Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0112Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0113Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0114Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0116Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0117Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0118Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0179Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0121Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0123Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0124Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0125

Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0106

Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0104

Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0110

Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0115

Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0119

Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0122

Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0126Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0127Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0128Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0129Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0130Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0131Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0178Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0134Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0135Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0136Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0137Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0138Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0139Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0140Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0141Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0142Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0143Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0144Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0145Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0146Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0147Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0148Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0149Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0150Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0151Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0152Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0153Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0154Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0155Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0156

Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0180

Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0157Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0158Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0159Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0160Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0161Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0162Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0163Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0164Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0165Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0167Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0168Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0169Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0170Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0171Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0172Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0174

Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0181

Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0175Wedding Photography Redcastle Hotel_0176

To see more of Louise & Ronan’s Redcastle Hotel wedding check out the slideshow below!


Some of the awesome vendors who helped made this day happen!

Bridal wear: La Boda Bridal 
Hair stylist –  Margaret Johnston - Honey Hair & Beauty 
Make-up – Rosemary Wright – Ashburn Image 
Florist – Patrica McCormack
Cake  -  Cake Love 
Band – Pure Fresh
Room Decor – Look Crafty 
Videographer –  Timeless Productions NI 

It was such a pleasure to be part of Lisa & Kevin’s fab wedding at the  An Grianan Hotel.

The weather was ever changing but we managed to get out for a short sunny spell and get some gorgeous pictures. I absolutely loved Lisa’s dress!

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0198Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0131

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0199Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0132Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0133

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0205

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0206

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0207

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0209Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0134

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0210

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0135Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0139

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0142

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0212

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0144Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0145Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0146

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0216

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0149Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0219

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0148Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0151Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0152

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0222

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0155

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0154Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0156

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0226

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0158Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0159

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0229

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0161Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0164

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0231

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0232

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0166

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0234

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0167Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0168

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0239

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0243

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0177

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0244

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0245

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0178Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0179Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0180Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0181

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0266

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0182

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0252

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0184

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0169

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0171

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0185

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0172

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0173

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0191Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0255

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0256Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0188

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0267

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0189

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0259

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0261

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0193

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0264

Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0194Wedding Photography An Grianan Hotel_0196

To see more of  Lisa & Kevin’s An Grianan Hotel wedding check out the slideshow below!

Some of the awesome vendors who helped make this day happen!
Bridal wear - Beautiful Day
Groomswear - Louis Boyd
Makeup - Rosemary Wright
Hair - Hair by Sinead
Florist- Sharon Peaker
Cake - Janet Blair 


I recently had the chance to shoot some engagement photos for Christine and Kevin who won the shoot among other prizes at the Perfect Bliss Wedding Events An Grianan Hotel bridal Fayre.

Great fun getting to know them as we explored Roe Valley Country Park.

Roe Country Park Engagement-1Roe Country Park Engagement-2Roe Country Park Engagement-3Roe Country Park Engagement-4Roe Country Park Engagement-5Roe Country Park Engagement-6Roe Country Park Engagement-7Roe Country Park Engagement-8Roe Country Park Engagement-9Roe Country Park Engagement-10Roe Country Park Engagement-11Roe Country Park Engagement-12

To see more of Christine and Kevin’s pre-wedding shoot check out the slideshow below!


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