Aofie + Colm made an early morning to meet in Buncrana.  It was worth the journey as we had such a gorgeous November morning.

I loved photographing these two with the glorious sunshine as we made are way along the beach to the harbour.

I can’t wait to meet this fab couple again for their wedding next month at the stunning Rathmullan House Hotel.

Engament Photography Buncrana_0185Engament Photography Buncrana_0186Engament Photography Buncrana_0187Engament Photography Buncrana_0184Engament Photography Buncrana_0188Engament Photography Buncrana_0189Engament Photography Buncrana_0190Engament Photography Buncrana_0191Engament Photography Buncrana_0192Engament Photography Buncrana_0193Engament Photography Buncrana_0194Engament Photography Buncrana_0195

To see more of Aoife and Colm’s pre-wedding shoot check out the slideshow below!

When Bernie and Gareth asked if they could bring their super cute daughter for their engagement shoot I knew I’d get some lovely images of the family.

We explored Moville shoreline for a little while and I hear all about the couple’s fab wedding this Friday at Villa Rose Hotel & V-Spa!

Moville Engagement Photography_0100Moville Engagement Photography_0101Moville Engagement Photography_0102Moville Engagement Photography_0103Moville Engagement Photography_0104Moville Engagement Photography_0105Moville Engagement Photography_0106Moville Engagement Photography_0107Moville Engagement Photography_0108Moville Engagement Photography_0109Moville Engagement Photography_0110

To see more of Bernie and Gareth’s pre-wedding shoot check out the slideshow below!

I spent the morning shooting with Emma and her bridesmaids as they prepared for the day ahead. My second shooter Michael Love meanwhile caught some fun images of Gary and his groomsmen.

Their service in Roe Park Resort was gorgeous and following which we made our way outside in the wind for some natural images of the couple and their bridal party.

The room in which Emma and Gary hosted their reception was nothing short of stunning and their guests enjoyed a fabulous meal, incredibly heartfelt speeches and dancing into the wee hours!

Emma + Gary-1Emma + Gary-2Emma + Gary-3Emma + Gary-4Emma + Gary-5Emma + Gary-6Emma + Gary-7Emma + Gary-8Emma + Gary-9Emma + Gary-10Emma + Gary-11Emma + Gary-12Emma + Gary-13Emma + Gary-14Emma + Gary-15Emma + Gary-16Emma + Gary-17Emma + Gary-18Emma + Gary-19Emma + Gary-20Emma + Gary-21Emma + Gary-22Emma + Gary-23Emma + Gary-24Emma + Gary-25Emma + Gary-26Emma + Gary-27Emma + Gary-28Emma + Gary-29Emma + Gary-30Emma + Gary-31Emma + Gary-32Emma + Gary-33Emma + Gary-34Emma + Gary-35Emma + Gary-36Emma + Gary-37Emma + Gary-38Emma + Gary-39Emma + Gary-40Emma + Gary-41Emma + Gary-42Emma + Gary-43Emma + Gary-44Emma + Gary-45Emma + Gary-46Emma + Gary-47Emma + Gary-48Emma + Gary-49Emma + Gary-50Emma + Gary-51Emma + Gary-52Emma + Gary-53Emma + Gary-54Emma + Gary-55Emma + Gary-56Emma + Gary-57Emma + Gary-58Emma + Gary-59Emma + Gary-60Emma + Gary-61Emma + Gary-62Emma + Gary-63Emma + Gary-64Emma + Gary-65Emma + Gary-66Emma + Gary-67Emma + Gary-68Emma + Gary-69Emma + Gary-70Emma + Gary-71Emma + Gary-72Emma + Gary-73Emma + Gary-74Emma + Gary-75Emma + Gary-76Emma + Gary-77Emma + Gary-78Emma + Gary-79Emma + Gary-80Emma + Gary-81Emma + Gary-82Emma + Gary-83Emma + Gary-84Emma + Gary-85Emma + Gary-86Emma + Gary-87Emma + Gary-89Emma + Gary-90Emma + Gary-91Emma + Gary-92Emma + Gary-93

Emma + Gary-88

To see more of Emma and Gary’s Roe Park Resort Wedding check out the slideshow below!

Some of the awesome vendors who helped make this day happen!

Bridal wear: Ultimate Dresses Designed by Allure Bridal 
Groomswear: Next
Hair: Charlene Thompson, Hair by Charlene
Make-up: Kerry Brolly @ Eden Beauty 
Florist: Wisteria Lane - 028 7772 2706
Band: Goodfellas + DJ Wes

It felt like Autumn was truly present as I walked around Rossmore Forest Park with Charlotte and Seamus.

They met in Monaghan when Seamus was served by Charlotte in the pub she worked in and the rest as they say is history.

Really looking forward to capturing their wedding day on New Year’s Eve at Cavan Crystal Hotel.

Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0269Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0270Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0271Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0272Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0273Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0274Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0275Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0276Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0277Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0278Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0279Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0280Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0281Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0282Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0283Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0284Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0285Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0286Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0287Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0288Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0289Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0290Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0291Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0292Rossmore Forest Park Engagement Photography_0293

To see more of Charlotte and Seamus’s engagement shoot check out the slideshow below!

It was lovely to catch up with Larissa and Mark at Redcastle Hotel for their engagement shoot. It was evident to me just how in love they are with one another and I loved capturing some natural images of them both.

Redcastle Hotel Engagement Photography 7

Redcastle Hotel Engagement Photography 1Redcastle Hotel Engagement Photography 2Redcastle Hotel Engagement Photography 3Redcastle Hotel Engagement Photography 4Redcastle Hotel Engagement Photography 5Redcastle Hotel Engagement Photography 8Redcastle Hotel Engagement Photography 9Redcastle Hotel Engagement Photography 10Redcastle Hotel Engagement Photography 11

To see more of Larissa and Mark’s engagement shoot check out the slideshow below!

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