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With couples keen to capture memories of their special day in as many ways as possible, videography has become an essential part of many weddings. Local company Cinematic Tide are a husband and wife duo who are passionate about story telling and they use their combined skills to do just that! Today, I caught up with Sam who tells us why they are a popular choice with brides and grooms, as well as some fab advice for choosing a videographer.

Sam, tell us a bit about your background. How was Cinematic Tide formed?

Cinematic Tide was formed in 2011 by myself and my wife Danielle – we are a husband and wife team! I have a background in graphic design and photography and Danielle spent a year and a half working in a video production company in England. We were both intrigued by weddings and Danielle suggested we start filming some! We are now a small team of cinematographers and editors.

What style of videography do you adopt?

We tend to capture things as they happen, so natural with a little bit of fun, blooming love and with a zest of story telling. But we are progressing with every wedding we capture, finding new ways to tell stories. At the end of the day we want to create unique films that reflect your personality and passion by using our creativity.

In recent years videography has become an important element of capturing a wedding day. Why do you think that is?

I think people are beginning to see the value of good story telling, and beautiful cinematography. Looking at a picture is very different from watching a film/video. It’s a different kind of storytelling that captures a unique dimension of the day. Gone are the cheesy and boring three hour videos. I think Netflix has played a part in this – everyone just wants to look like they are starring in their very movie.

Cinematic Tide

What makes a good videographer?

Good story telling, hard work, knowledge of how you use your gear, being a good editor and having a heart and a brilliant eye usually makes a good videographer.

What approach do you adopt when filming a wedding?

90% of the time we capture things as they happen. The other 10% we do give a bit of direction and let you be yourselves. We love good locations too, so we usually go hunting with the photographer for good spots to shoot in.

What do you love about your job?

We just enjoy it when it feels like we have known the couple for years, and we have so much fun with them and working together with the photographer(s). It’s like being part of a team, after all! There are weddings we go to where it feels like we don’t want to leave the party! Some of our team like the cake;)

Cinematic Tide

What’s the most memorable wedding you have been involved in?

It’s very hard! We have had tipi tent weddings, outdoors, fields, mountain weddings! We also really like elopements and small and intimate weddings!

What advice would you offer couples when choosing a videographer?

Find someone whose work both you and your fiancé can connect with. We like to approach it as if we are going to a wedding as your friends. Friends feel comfortable and trust each other, the same I think goes with your videographer. Expectations are important too – don’t expect amazing sun if your date is in December in Ireland! Make sure you talk through your ideas with your videographer.

Ultimately, we tell stories, and we want to make sure that the stories we tell, will resonate with you for many lifetimes to come.

To check out more about Cinematic Tide, including their portfolio of work, click here.

The most popular wedding day accessory for brides still remains the veil, which in recent years has seen a modern makeover to introduce a wealth of styles, with variations in materials, lengths and finishes. With the classic wedding veil still remaining a firm favourite with brides and with only a few choosing to get married without it, we called on the expert advice of Megan Therese, the designer behind the simply stunning Couture Bridal Accessories who shares her top 5 tips for choosing the perfect veil to complete your wedding day look.

Megan Therese Bridal

1. Length

It’s important to try on a variety of different lengths of veils at your dress fitting in order to give you a good idea of what will work best with your gown. A tip to remember is to make sure the veil extends past the train on your dress and if your dress has a dramatic train it is best to opt for a cathedral length veil. It creates a dramatic and royal look and works beautifully in a traditional church setting.

As a general rule, the shorter the dress, the shorter the veil. Tea length dresses work well with birdcage veils down to finger tip veils. Floor length gowns with little or no train suit chapel or floor length veils.


2. Detail

Remember, your veil should complement your dress and not overpower it! A heavily embellished dress looks great with a clean, simple veil whereas a simple gown allows you to be more adventurous and choose a veil with plenty of detail. Although it is often a nice touch to mimic some element of your dress in your veil i.e adding a touch of lace with a lace dress but be careful not to overdo it.


3. Fabric

Veils come in lots of different types of fabrics, the sheerest of which and the most popular option for veiling is tulle. Silk tulle is the most expensive and it drapes and flows beautifully, making it the most luxurious tulle of all. Polyester tulle is less expensive but it can achieve the same drape as silk. And finally, bridal illusion tulle is slightly stiffer than the others but gives a voluminous effect.

As a veil designer, I know only too well the amount of different shades of ivory there are, so finding the right shade can be difficult! I’d recommend bringing your dress sample with you when purchasing your veil to ensure you find the perfect match. If you are ordering your veil online, any good designer should be happy to send you a veil swatch to ensure you find the right colour.
Veils can be trimmed in a wide range of trimmings including lace, beading, embellishment and ribbon. Choose the right type of embellishment and the right amount to complement your dress.
Megan Therese Bridal 1

4. Style

Consider your wedding dress, its focus points and its style. It’s always useful to try on different styles of veils to get a feel for which you prefer and more importantly know what style will best suit your dress! Your veil choice depends on your dress; if your dress is traditional a traditional two tier comb veil will work best. If your dress is vintage or vintage inspired, Juliet cap veils work beautifully. Modern dresses look fabulous with raw edge veils with scattered diamanté sparkles.
Megan Therese Bridal 4

5. Bespoke creations

And finally, if you find the prospect of choosing your veil overwhelming or you simply can’t find one you love, go bespoke! Choosing this option means you get to complete your bridal look with the perfect veil with no compromise! Choosing a made to measure veil means you get to have the exact length with the exact detailing you want! Plus you have the added bonus of the designer’s expertise and you can rest assured when buying a handmade product you will receive the highest quality and attention to detail there is.

Donal Doherty Portfolio 51

To visit Megan Therese Bespoke Bridal Accessories website, click HERE.

Last week I ran a two day workshop for photographers and as part of the workshop we did an engagement shoot on Fahan Beach.

Our models were an amazing couple, Marty and Fionnuala and excited to share some images of them here.

Marty + Fionnula-1000Marty + Fionnula-1001Marty + Fionnula-1002Marty + Fionnula-1003Marty + Fionnula-1004Marty + Fionnula-1005Marty + Fionnula-1006Marty + Fionnula-1007Marty + Fionnula-1008Marty + Fionnula-1009Marty + Fionnula-1010Marty + Fionnula-1011Marty + Fionnula-1012Marty + Fionnula-1013Marty + Fionnula-1014Marty + Fionnula-1015Marty + Fionnula-1016Marty + Fionnula-1017Marty + Fionnula-1018Marty + Fionnula-1019

To see more of Marty and Fionnuala’s portrait shoot check out the slideshow below!


blog big

I’m really excited to have been shortlisted into The Blog Awards Ireland 2015 for Best Photography Blog. It’s a real honor to have been shortlisted and I can’t wait for results.

Public voting is now open, and will stay open for two weeks until September 21. It’s incredibly easy to vote – simply tick a box and hit ‘Done’.

The public vote is worth 30% of the overall mark. Myself and the rest of the shortlisted blogs will then be judged again by a panel of judges which makes up the 70% of the mark.

Blog HQ will combine all the votes and arrive at a total mark. From this, the winner of each category will be announced.

To vote just visit the Best Photography Blog page now.

Often the best advice comes from people who have been in your shoes, which is why I love catching up with my couples. As she approaches her first wedding anniversary, I caught up with Emma and put some important questions to her about her wedding day. Here, she shares her memories and has even included some welcome advice for all your brides and grooms embarking on your own wedding planning journey.

Emma + Gary

Emma, first of all, tell us how you met your husband

We met through my sister and her partner. Gary asked my sister’s partner for my number and texted me after seeing me at the Gorteen disco in Limavady. The rest, as they say, is history.

And how did he pop the question?

He took me on a surprise trip to Paris (I thought we were going to Dublin). Our hotel room had a terrace that overlooked the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower twinkles at night so as we were cosied up under blankets watching it, Gary popped the question. He proposed on the 5th April, the day we first became “official” ten years previously!

Tell us when are where you were married. Why did you choose your venue?

We were married on the 18th of October 2014 at the Roe Park Resort, Limavady. We have shared some great times here and it is one of our favourite places to go for dinner. The location and surrounding scenery is beautiful and it’s right on our doorstep so we knew we would always get married there.

Emma + Gary-33

Describe that all important dress!

I got my dress from Ultimate Dresses, Dungiven. It was from the Allure Romance collection. It was a strapless, lace, slim-fitted dress with a sweetheart neckline detailed with crystals and pearls, with similar detail on the waistband. The dress had a slight fishtail and a long train, with buttons right down the back to the end of the train. I loved it! 

And your bridesmaid dresses?

My bridesmaid dresses were also from Ultimate Dresses. They were raspberry coloured, floor length dresses with lace detail at the top and an open section at the back. They were very pretty and my bridesmaids loved wearing them.

What style of flowers did you choose?

 I wanted quite autumnal flowers given the time of year and which would match our colour scheme. Our florist was Mary Slevin from Wisteria Lane, Limavady and she had some fab ideas. She included crab apples, berries and other autumnal flowers, and roses to match our colour scheme. They were amazing!

Emma + Gary-53

What is your favourite memory from the day?

The highlight for me was walking into our ceremony room for the first time with my mum, seeing all our family and friends together, our nieces singing one of our favourite songs (Ellie Goulding’s How Long Will I love You) and our nephew playing the piano. And of course seeing my husband smiling at me from the top of the aisle. The ceremony room was so perfect and was totally transformed – it was exactly how I had imagined it would be.

Tell us what you love about your wedding photographs

I love how Donal captured every little detail from start to finish. I love reliving the day by looking back at our photos – they really do capture the day perfectly and show the range of different emotions that were experienced. Our speeches were particularly heartfelt as they paid tribute to my late Dad, which Donal captured beautifully.

Emma + Gary-67

What piece of advice would you offer other brides?

I know every bride says this, but just savour every second of your day as it goes in so quickly! And don’t stress with the planning because everything will fall in to place nicely.

To view more photos from Emma & Gary’s wedding, click HERE.

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