Sarah and David connected over a shared love of cars and their love has went from zero to sixty in no time!

The couple are besotted with one another and this was clear to me as I captured some images of the couple at Antrim Castle.

I loved spending time with Sarah and David and can’t wait to capture their wedding day this December at Galgorm Resort and Spa.

Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0100Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0101Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0103Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0104Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0105Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0106Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0107Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0108Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0109Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0110Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0111Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0112Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0113Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0114Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0115Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0116Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0117Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0118Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0119Antrim Castle Engagement Photography_0120

To see more of Sarah and David’s engagement shoot check out the slideshow below!

I was privileged to capture Misha and Paddy’s gorgeous engagement session in Paris recently.

I photographed the couple, who are so clearly head over heels for one another as we explored the city of love. Arc de Triomphe to Pont Alexandre III, the Lourve to the Love Lock Bridge were Misha and Paddy added their own lock!

After a quick change we visited Trocadéro for a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower at sunset.

I can’t wait to capture the couples wedding next year at Harvey’s Point Hotel.

Misha + Paddy 0001

Misha + Paddy 0002Misha + Paddy 0003Misha + Paddy 0004Misha + Paddy 0005Misha + Paddy 0006Misha + Paddy 0007Misha + Paddy 0008Misha + Paddy 0009Misha + Paddy 0010Misha + Paddy 0011Misha + Paddy 0012Misha + Paddy 0013Misha + Paddy 0014Misha + Paddy 0015Misha + Paddy 0016Misha + Paddy 0017Misha + Paddy 0018Misha + Paddy 0019Misha + Paddy 0020Misha + Paddy 0021Misha + Paddy 0022

Misha + Paddy 0023Misha + Paddy 0024

To see more of Misha and Paddy’s engagement shoot check out the slideshow below!

Jennifer booked me to capture her wedding day and I was delighted when she booked a session with her sisters when she was home from Australia!

I explored Ebrington with Jennifer, Eleanor and Maria and love how natural and fun these images are of them.

Family Photography Derry 1Family Photography Derry 2Family Photography Derry 3Family Photography Derry 4Family Photography Derry 5Family Photography Derry 6Family Photography Derry 7Family Photography Derry 8Family Photography Derry 9Family Photography Derry 10Family Photography Derry 11Family Photography Derry 12Family Photography Derry 13Family Photography Derry 14Family Photography Derry 15Family Photography Derry 16Family Photography Derry 17Family Photography Derry 18Family Photography Derry 19Family Photography Derry 20Family Photography Derry 21

To view more images from the Montgomery Sister’s shoot check out the slideshow below.

I met Rachel and Brian last week for their pre-wedding shoot in Brooke Park. The first time I’ve visited the park, I was blown away by the beautiful setting overlooking the city.

Just back from celebrating Brian’s birthday in Downings, it was great to hear all about their life together and their plans for their wedding at The Red Door next summer!

Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0100Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0101Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0102Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0103Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0104Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0105Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0106Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0107Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0108Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0109Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0110Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0111Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0112Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0113Brooke Park Engagement Photography_0114

To see more of Rachel and Brian’s engagement shoot check out the slideshow below!

I met Celia and Steve at Redcastle Hotel last week for their engagement session and we explored the grounds as I shot some natural and relaxed images of them both.

Such a sweet couple they are clearly head over heels for one another and I’m sure their wedding is going to be amazing!

Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0104Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0105Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0106Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0107Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0108Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0109Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0110Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0111Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0112Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0113Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0114Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0115Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0116Redcastle Hotel Wedding Photography_0117

To see more of Celia and Steve’s engagement shoot check out the slideshow below!

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